For my home internet connection, I am a customer of for their very affordable Supersnel Internet 30 Mb/s package. With this subscription, you will also receive their default modem, the Huawei HG655d home gateway which gets all it's settings pushed via the provider. However, after not even 2 years of service, my Huawei HG655d died last week, out of the blue, with no warning sign whatsoever.

One of my very friendly colleagues was so kind to borrow me a spare ADSL/VDSL modem, the FRITZ!Box 7360. So I asked my provider for the settings for their ADSL connection, which they were not able to provide, all they could do is send me over a new default modem within 3-5 working days (I was already offline for 3 days at that time).

I was very upset with their customer service and decided to go on the hard way, and figure out the ADSL 2+ settings/configuration myself, which I will post here for my own future reference, as well as for other customers who might once just experience the same kind of issues with this provider's hardware:

Subscription: Supersnel Internet 30 Mb/s
ADSL type: ADSL 2+ (ITU G.992.5) Annex A (analog phone line)

Account Information required: no (no username/password needed)

VLAN Settings: none (no VLAN ID needed)

DSL ATM Settings:
  VPI: 8
  VCI: 35
  Encapsulation: Bridged (Routed Bridge Encapsulation): selected
    Obtain the IP address automatically (DHCP): checked
    DHCP host name: (blank)

DNS (v4) servers:
Use other DNSv4 servers:
  Preferred DNSv4 server: (Google DNS)
  Alternative DNSv4 server: (Google DNS)

Note 1: I don't use the providers DNS servers ( and on purpose, since I have more faith in Google's DNS.

Note 2: I haven't been able to setup my home phone (VOIP) since my default modem wasn't accessible anymore at all, and you need to find the SIP settings there as described here in Dutch.


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