As 2016 passed by some weeks ago, I decided I wanted to write down a little overview of the things I enjoyed the best in 2016. So here it is, my personal, opinionated, best of 2016 list for my own reference:


  1. Technimatic - Better Perspective LP
  2. Pola & Bryson - This Time Last Year LP
  3. LSB - Content LP


  1. Debian, or if you really need to, Ubuntu
  2. Arch Linux, or if you are too lazy to do the manual setup, try Manjaro, Antergos or Apricity
  3. NixOS


  1. Modern Linux Administration by Sam R. Alapati
  2. Debian Handbook by Raphaƫl Hertzog & Roland Mas, Servers for Hackers by Chris Fidao, Scaling PHP by Steve Corona
  3. Learning Puppet 4 by Jo Rhett


  1. Let's Encrypt
  2. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  3. Debian


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