Took me a while to figure out, so here are the steps I followed to get everything working:

​1. Download and extract the latest JBoss AS 7 version here:

​2. Extracted files go to /usr/bin

​3. Download and extract the latest version of Eclipse Indigo for mac 64-bits here:

​4. Extracted files go to /Applications

​5. Install my JBoss Tools: Go to Help > Install New Software... > Add In the Location, add this url:

Check the upper box to install all JBoss 7 related tools

​6. After that,  follow this tutorial to get the JBoss Application Server in Eclipse for easy management:

​7. start the server in Eclipse. To open the web interface, go to http://localhost:8080

​8. To manage your server, you will need to add an admin user first. you do this by using the command line and run:

sh /usr/bin/<Jboss-AS-dir>/bin/

the group default is okay (just press enter) and choose your own username and password (twice) combo. after that, confirm by typing YES.
now access the management interface here: http://localhost:9990/console


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